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Website Design & Development Web Design and Development Resume

Web Design and Development Resume

Posted By Richard

RICHARD GAFFIELD, 8800 SE Causey Loop, Apt M302, Portland, OR  97086 – (347) 525-3378 – richard@cyberpagedd.com

Primary interest is Information Architect, UI/UX Design, Web Design, Branding
Over the past 15 years I’ve delivered UI design, branding graphics, online marketing, mock-ups, user-flows, wire-frames, front-end development, prototyping, etc. I am effective in collaborating with interaction designers, software developers, business analysts and other IT professionals. Showing range as a visual designer, I’ve served clients in various industries: government, higher education, small business, health, communication, direct sales and financial.

My designs shoot for usability, polish and functionality. A true believer in ultra clean and functional design, I prefer minimalism whenever possible, not so focused on being less as being crystal clear, a joy to look at and uniformly easy to use. Understanding technical considerations, I think systematically about creating modular design systems that can be applied to a content management system (CMS), while satisfying stated business requirements.


UI Designer, Graphics and Front-end Development (Freelance), July 2009 thru Present
Cyberpage Design & Development, New York, Portland / DB Consulting Group, Chicago

  • Delivered detailed UI design (desktop and mobile) for several small businesses (developed strategy and created sketches, sitemaps, storyboards, wire frames, layouts, mock-ups, background graphics, logos, etc.).
  • Clients were restaurants, heating and cooling contractors, hair styling salons, restoration contractors, printers, painters and playwrights.

Assistant to Business Analyst & Functional Lead, Configuration Specialist, Nov 2008 thru July 2009
NYC Department of Education, Educational Services, (SESIS), Brooklyn

  • Developed Scope of Project (SOP), Traceability Template and User Interfaces for new application that tracks progress of Special Education students, K-12, using a MS Share Point document management system
  • Data mapped student tracking paper forms to existing profiles and databases
  • Developed Data Dictionary used by ODS (Operational Data Source) team to combine federated database

Web Specialist, Information Architect, Graphics    April thru July 2008
New York City Department of Buildings

  • Delivered UI design and documentation for the B-FIRST (Field Inspection Recording and Scheduling Technologies) application for client desktop and mobile devices
  • Created logo, producing site maps, wireframes and mock-ups, using VISIO and Adobe CS3 (Fireworks, Photoshop)
  • Drafted a style guide that would be used by software developers and IA to maintain the applications
  • Developed UI design using functional specifications and technical design artifacts: use-cases, data model diagrams
  • Reviewed product with Project Director, Technical Lead and COTS representative.

UI Designer, Front-End Developer,  July thru Dec 2007
Federal Reserve Bank of New York

  • Delivered UI design, wireframes and documentation for analysis of Information Security Function Intranet
  • Built prototype, final templates of the UI and launched the site. HTML/XHTML/CSS that interfaces with ASP.NET
  • Designed and developed Web-optimized graphical elements & site navigation
  • Created UI artifacts, including prototypes from business and marketing requirement supplied by business leads
  • Reviewed product with client stakeholders during weekly meetings.
  • Maintenance and usability testing as required after launch

UI Designer, Engineer (Remote), May 2006 thru April 2007 Autumn Technologies, Inc., New York

  • Delivered UI design, wireframes, mock-ups and documentation for analysis of real-time communication with and monitoring of an elderly individual by his/her concerned child or health care professional
  • Built prototype of the Elderly UI, Concerned User UI and the Administrative UI
  • Created UI artifacts, including Web-optimized graphical elements, wireframes, prototypes from business and marketing requirements supplied by software architect and business leads
  • Reviewed product with client stakeholders during weekly user review status.

UI Engineer,  Aug 2005 thru Feb 2006
Wolters Kluwer, CT Corporation System, Corporate Legal Services

  • Delivered user interface design, wireframes, mock-ups and documentation for analysis of real-time corporate annual report Web filing applications and internal workflow tools
  • Designed and developed Web-optimized graphical elements & site navigation using Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Visio; coded HTML/XHTML/CSS that interfaces with ASP.NET
  • Reviewed product with client stakeholders and met with developers to implement the prototypes.

UI Designer, Developer and Web Graphics (Remote), May 2004 thru July 2005
Avon Products NA

  • Developed high-level user requirements, detailed mockups and clickable prototypes that show interaction and design plans.
  • Created layouts within an established design aesthetic for variety of projects using Photoshop
  • Developed interactive and static Websites using Photoshop, Image Ready, Dreamweaver that interfaces with Interwoven processes on the backend
  • Redesigned and hard-coded HTML/DHTML for customer service UI using Photoshop, Homesite
  • Created background graphics for sales representatives’ Web sites using Photoshop, Illustrator and Publisher

Web Designer, Developer, Project Manager (Remote), July 2003 thru Feb 2004
Columbia University, English Department, New York

  • Designed templates and built prototypes for Department review and approval using Photoshop and Dreamweaver
  • Transferred information from old table formatted 80 page site to a new visually exciting presentation of the department’s academic personnel and resources, including student application procedures
  • Scripted all pages and launched site (HTML/DHTML, CSS, JavaScript), usability testing as required
  • Trained Dept. Secretary to update and maintain entire site.

Freelance Web Designer, Producer and Developer,  June 2002 thru June 2003
Owner CyberPage Design & Development, Inc. New York

  • Pre-production marketing strategy discussions of brand identity in team analysis setting
  • Create original website design, wireframes and mock-ups using Photoshop
  • Build and evaluate prototype using Dreamweaver and Illustrator assets
  • Launch and host new websites on CyberPage Unix server
  • Website marketing, SEO consultancies using Webtrends.

Web Design, Marketing, May 2001 thru June 2002
Wellsley CorporationPre-production marketing strategy discussions of brand identity

Projects included Website design and book editor of Renaissance Series by Laurence Holder; final approval of content and covers of 32 plays in five volumes; responsible for preface and introductions, including writing volume 5 introduction; ongoing communication with on-line publisher.

Sr. Website Developer, Aug 2000 thru May 2001
Trading Technologies, Inc. New York

  • Develop, organize, and manage the creative development and overall content of TT internal and external Web sites
  • Develop new Website from rebranding to final mock-ups with creative team: SVP mktg, designer, writer, art dir.
  • Refresh external Website content to ensure accuracy and timeliness of information and images
  • Analyze traffic to external Website using Webtrends and recommend necessary programming changes
  • Provide Website technical support and participate in TT employee Website training
  • Set-up of Linux 6.0 and Windows 2000 Web testing servers running Apache and ISS

Lehman Brothers (Jan 1996-Aug 2000); Creative Services Computer Graphics Specialist, Adobe Photoshop
CS First Boston (April 1992-Jan 1996); Presentation Specialist, Word Processor, MS Powerpoint, Excel, Word.

Master of Arts/Theater, 1994, State University of New York, Binghamton, New York
Bachelors Degree, 1991, Empire State College, New York, New York

Digital Media Business Strategies & Project Management, Fall 2002, New School University, New York
Web Design Certificate, Spring-Summer 2000, United Digital Artists / New York

Red Harlem Readers, NY, NY Co-founder, Administrator
West Side Arts Coalition, NY, NY Co-founder
Three Rivers Artist Guild, Oregon City, OR
Oregon Society of Artists, Portland, OR