Posted By Richard

Why should you or your company have a website?

The Internet is the fourth stage in the development of advertising and marketing. First, the printing press, the origin of mass media, second the radio, third was television and fourth, the Web. The Web is dynamic and interactive. It encompasses all that radio, television and print medium do, like text, sound & video, plus, it allows the user to interact in real time to determine what they want to view or buy, and when.

Your Web presence will:

  • Allow potential customers worldwide to view, order and purchase your products and services at their own convenience, 24 hours a day
  • Allow current and potential customers to interact with your company in a way other sales and marketing tools cannot
  • Provide additional information that can’t be expressed through other marketing media, at reasonable rates

When should you have a website?

The Internet is becoming more and more mainstream for business, education and recreation. If you don’t have a Web presence your small business or corporation is missing accessibility, interactivity, promotional opportunities and dynamic feedback.

How will anyone find your website?

Intelligent design and development of your website should include optimizing effectively for the search engines, especially Google.

How will you persuade them to stay once they visit?

Quality Content. Content on your website can range from interviews and white papers, to news and sports updates. Even websites with only a few resources can still provide informative content related to your industry or product. For example, an accounting firm’s website could offer a monthly tax tip. If you’re offering a product for sale, your visitors should be able to find all the information they need to make a sound decision, including detailed specs, prices and third-party reviews at your website.

Top-Notch Resources. Content is not the only traffic builder. Scour the web for useful, applicable sites and become a mini-portal. Use niche positioning to create a unique, organized list of links that will be useful to your primary customer base. Offsite links also improve your search engine ranking. Websites that allow people to build an online network generate return visitors.

Traditional marketing efforts focus on winning new audiences. In contrast, website stickiness involves responding to the needs and preferences of current users — your most valuable market. Creating a sticky site is not about trapping or tricking your visitor into spending more time at your website. The goal is to create a website that users willingly and eagerly incorporate into their online activities.

How do you get a website for our company?

Just email us! Or used the contact form provided. We are dedicated to creating Internet web pages that are dynamic, visually stimulating, clear and informative at THE BEST price to performance ratio. We recognize the scarce nature of capital and will always work within our client’s budget.